We’re so young. There’s no reason to be bitter towards anyone, so just look at it as a learning experience and just remember the good times.

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eft it all. i’m doing whatever the hell i please.

Aug 25 21:16 with 3 notes

eff these feelings.

Aug 19 23:23

you know what?
as cliche as it sounds, i don’t want to be sad that this summer is coming to an end with so many ‘what if’s’ and worries.
i want to remember how wonderful this summer was, from reconnecting with friends who i grew apart from to meeting new people and experiencing new things. 

this summer was not at all what i had imagined or planned. it was unexpected in the best way possible. 

so thank you to everyone, especially to those few special people, who made this an unforgettable and memorable summer. 

Aug 18 22:00


Life goes on, time stops for no one. Stop wasting time on unnecessary things and people. You’ll be better off and more successful.

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